Keeping Pipelines Safe

Safety is a core value at ExxonMobil Pipeline Company. We strive for an incident-free workplace and a culture that supports our clear and simple objective: Nobody Gets Hurt. This extends to our neighbors and those who live and work near our pipelines and facilities.

Doing what's right to keep the community safe

Doing What's Right

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company works to continuously maintain the integrity and reliability of our pipelines and facilities. We rigorously test and analyze our infrastructure to determine the correct maintenance procedures. This may range from additional testing and monitoring, to minor repairs or even replacement of pipe. Information on how we maintain safe pipelines is available here.

Nobody Gets Hurt

Continuous Inspection

Numerous inspections are conducted during our work. Beginning with staking, through digging and the laying of pipe, we routinely inspect our operations, equipment and pipe to adhere to all safety measures. Once our pipeline is operational, the pipeline and right of way are continuously inspected to ensure we follow all applicable regulations.

Open communication with our community

Open Communication

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company respects the communities in which we work. While our project operations are underway, and even after our work has concluded, we will communicate openly with residents. Regular project updates will be available throughout the life of the project explaining the work our crews are conducting. We also encourage residents to reach out to their local community engagement lead with any questions pertaining to our operations.


811 Call Before You Dig

A valuable resource for more than just ExxonMobil Pipeline Company, 811 Call Before You Dig is a useful tool for those in the Texas Gulf Coast. If you're considering any landscaping, tree removal, pool installations or other activities that require digging contact 811. Representatives will ensure your property is properly marked and flagged to avoid any underground lines or pipes.

811 Call Before You Dig logo

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly using the link below or calling our project representative.

Justin Stegall, Community Engagement Lead