Our Work

About Our Work

For more than 100 years, ExxonMobil, its predecessors and its affiliates have responsibly invested in the people and communities of southeast Texas and greater Houston.

Our Investments

The Texas Gulf Coast is a global manufacturing hub home to critical industries that power millions of Texas and U.S.-based jobs, homes and businesses. ExxonMobil and ExxonMobil Pipeline Company invest in significant midstream and energy infrastructure projects here that reinforce the safety and reliability of our pipeline operations. These investments provide long-term benefits to the region by providing safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of fuels, feedstocks and crude to customers across the region.

Our team strives to do what is best for the community at every step of the permitting and construction process—because this is our home too. We appreciate the patience of our neighbors as we work to enhance our assets and operations.

Our Contributions

We also like to give back to the communities where we operate. Our employees live and work here and give back to our neighbors and communities in ways that reflect our company values: through grants to community institutions, supporting STEM education opportunities and our partnership with the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service to support first responder emergency response training.

Learn More About Our Contributions

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly using the link below or calling our project representative.

Justin Stegall, Community Engagement Lead